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Serving midtown Manhattan for over 20 years.
162 West 56th Street, Suite 205, Between Sixth and Seventh Ave.
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About Dr. Pico

Dr. Pico is deeply committed to promoting health and wellness to the tri-state community he serves.

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New Patients

What to expect on your first visit and how to prepare. Fill out the Chiropractic Health Questionnaire to save time!

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Spinal Health Tips

These 30 tips will keep your spine in shape!


Nutrition and Exercise Blog

Proper nutrition and regular exercise promote a healthier, stronger and more stable spine.

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Chiropractic Services

  • Low Force and Traditional Specific Spinal Adjusting. Having a specific thrust applied to correct a misaligned position of a joint.
  • Latest Scientific Methods of Analysis. Infared spinal nerve thermography analysis and digital x-ray equipment is used to accurately evaluate your spinal health.
  • Postural Analysis and Correction. Postural exercises done with emphasis on relearning normal postural stance and balance.
  • Exercise Rehabilitation. Exercise rehabilitation is geared towards restoring strength and balance to the muscles, ligaments and tendons surrounding injured joints.
  • Affordable Spinal Decompression Therapy. Spinal decomresssion therapy is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment for certain types of chronic back pain and disc herniations.
  • Massage Therapy/Myofascial Release. We have a massage therapist in our office that performs therapeutic massage.

Why Choose Pico Family Chiropractic?

  • We create goal-oriented health plans for each patient
  • We have convenient early morning and late afternoon hours
  • Our office utilizes different methods to fit your specific needs
  • We educate our patients and provide the tools to get results that last
  • Low force adjustments available
  • Receive your care in a friendly and comfortable environment
  • We listen, care and get results

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The best chiropractor ever. I was dealing with a back pain for more than 6 years. After 3 months and few visits in 2010, the pain was gone ever since.

Hamidreza A.

He's the best of the best! A truly kind and caring person who makes sure everyone get's the best care possible.

Ani I.